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Our DJs have a lot of Club experience and every one of them has the potential to be an expert Resident DJ.

Here are a few details about our DJs- Essential DJ Profiles

We could talk about guest DJ slots but those sets are the easiest because everything is so fresh and a guest DJ usually only plays for a couple of hours.

The key to being a great Resident DJ is being 100% reliable and of course playing to the crowd.

When the venue finds a Resident DJ they trust the workload of everyone is greatly reduced because that DJ will be conscientious.

They will get on with the job and turn up on time, play the right tunes, dress like the customers at the club, keep the DJ Box clean and not get drunk.

This last bit sounds a bit silly but unless you’re producing hit tracks you can’t be a great DJ and be drunk at the same time.

If you are a Resident DJ at the same venue each week you need to mix it up a little bit but not as much as you might think.

People like consistency (look at McDonalds!) so if someone goes to your night one week and love the music they might invite all their friends there 3 or 4 weeks later.

If the resident Dj is playing a totally new set of tunes and styles that’s no good because the person who has invited all their friends will have to explain why it is  different to what attracted them to the night in the first place, realistically people mainly need tracks they can relate to.

If the clubnight is a House, R’n'B, Funk and Soul, Reggae and Bashment, Drum and Bass, Indie etc etc you need a Resident DJ who plays that style and recognises when a track is working or not.

The best Residents are those DJs who know what not to play and can recognise when a track is not working. There’s no shame in taking a track off after 90 seconds but you need to deftly blend it out which is an art in itself.

If you don’t have a resident DJ at your venue you can use various guest DJ’s but you need a DJ Curator in this case who can programme the night with the right DJs.

Promoters will also programme a good club night but most importantly for everyone they need to pull a crowd to the night.

As a Dj Agency we do not promote nights but we do have contacts who can promote Clubs in London.

We can act a DJ Curator if you need to be put in contact with some good DJs and as experienced DJs ourselves we know who is perfect for most venues and club nights.

Nightclub bookings cancelled within 7 days of the event are subject to our standard cancellation fee of 50%

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