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Corporate Events

We organise music and DJs for Corporate Events and we can put you in touch with contacts who arrange Corporate Events such as Activity Days, Team Building Days and Crystal Challenges.

A disco can be a great way to end a long Conference, Activity Day, Company Fun Day or Awards Ceremony

If the entertainment is going to be in the same room as the evening meal our DJs will set up before any of the guests arrive.

We have heard stories about DJs that set up during the meal, making noise when installing the equipment and doing loud soundchecks during the main course. Obviously this is very bad so our DJs set up early making sure everything is tested and sounding 100%

At Corporate Events you will have a large age range and many people from different backgrounds so you need tracks that appeal to everyone.

The Event organiser can send over any playlist at any time. Even if they want to bring CD’s along on the night that’s fine. 

Our Djs can provide music during the meal.

Artists like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nora Jones, Michael Buble always sound stylish.

For the Disco part of the night our Djs will play to the crowd and of course take any requests.

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