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Established in 1995 Essential DJs has been providing top quality Mobile Discos to some of the most amazing functions and events.

If you are planning a Wedding , Anniversary Party, Birthday Party, or any important function that requires DJ entertainment you have found a great to book a Mobile Disco . Here you can hire a DJ and Disco with complete confidence.

Quite simply we cover any occasion were you need a Mobile DJ or Disco.
Our DJs play every style of music – from Modern Pop to 50s,60s,70s,80s,90s Classics, Disco, Dance, House and Swing.
Your DJ will act as your Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, Music Specialist, Entertainment Specialist, and Crowd Motivator. He/she will also work closely with you, your caterer and your photographer to keep your function running smoothly.
All our DJ’s use fully tested up-to-date Sound Equipment and Disco Lighting and all have Public Liability Insurance. Perfect for Mobile Discos
We also have current music DJ’s for select Clubs, Private Parties and Discos.
The music played here will sometimes be very different to a wedding or Mobile Disco as most tracks for clubbers are heavier.

Mobile Discos
Having started playing records in dance halls in the early 40s, Jimmy Savile was effectively the first ever Mobile Disco DJ; according to his autobiography, the first person to use two turntables and a microphone, which he did at the Grand Records Ball at the Guardbridge Hotel in 1947. Savile is widely acknowledged as being one of the first in England to use twin turntables for continuous play of music, thus pioneering the concept of Mobile Disco DJing as we know it today.

Disco DJ
Some people claims the Disco DJ scene started already in the early 70′s. Like in ’71-’73. But I guess that really depends on what you think is DISCO?! The Discotheque scene really started back then, with clubs starting playing music on records to the audience. In these clubs, the Disc-Jockey [Disco DJ] was formed as this guy putting the records on the turntables and often talking to the crowd in a radio show kind of way.
Other people say the Disco DJ started in the mid 70′s and that’s also my opinion. I think that you in tunes from around ’74-’76 can start hearing more of, what I call, “the Disco sound” – than you could just a couple of years before.

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